Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meet our Captains and Crew

June 2009 Team Member of the Month

Kevin Hegarty - Captain of Columbia Richard Schultz Photography

Kevin Hegarty has been the Captain of our America's Cup winner Columbia since 2006 but his 12 Meter sailing career did not start there! Previously, Kevin was captain and crew aboard over a dozen 12 Meter yachts in both Newport and the Caribbean including Stars & Stripes, Weatherly, Intrepid, Heritage and many more. These days Kevin is devoted to Columbia. In the summer he spends over 100 days inviting guests to sail and race aboard Columbia. In the winter he spends countless hours making sure that Columbia is in pristine condition for the next sailing season.

When he is not aboard Columbia (which is not that often!) Kevin enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his huge, but friendly, bull mastiff, Brutus!

Captain Kevin and the team of 12 Meter Charters look forward to welcoming you aboard our America’s Cup 12 Meter yachts!

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