Tuesday, July 14, 2009

America's Cup Fact July 2009

America's Cup Question of the Month
July 2009

Test your knowledge of the "Auld Mug."

In the 1930's, prior to 12 Meter yachts, what type of yachts raced in the America's Cup?
Answer Below.

From 1930 to 1937 J-Class Sloops, known as J-Boats, raced in the America's Cup. Like the 12 Meter yachts, J-Boats were designed based on a formula. However, J-Boats, at about 135 feet long, were much larger, more expensive to build, and required a larger crew than their successor, the 12 Meter.
Today, only a handful of J-boats remain sailing in the world. But come to Newport this weekend! You will not only have the opportunity to see J-boats sailing, but you will see them race! The new 138′ J-Class Sloop, HANUMAN, will make her debut racing in this weekend's Newport Bucket Regatta against the America's Cup winner, Ranger. HANUMAN is a replica of the famous English J-Class Sloop, ENDEAVOUR II, which raced against RANGER in the 1937 America’s Cup off Newport. Click here for more about HANUMAN and the Newport Bucket Regatta!
Come to Newport this weekend to watch the magnificent America's Cup J-boats race again! Catch all the action from the water aboard our America's Cup 12 Meter Yachts.
Call 401-851-1216 for more information. We love answering questions!

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