Friday, September 25, 2009

Monthly America's Cup Fact

September 2009
Test your knowledge of the "Auld Mug."

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How long did 12 Meter yachts race in the
America's Cup?
Answer Below.

How many years did 12 Meter yachts race in the America's Cup? 29 years! From 1958, when Columbia was the first 12 Meter to win the Cup, until 1987, 12 Meter yachts were the type of boats that raced in the America's Cup.

In 1958, after a twenty-one year hiatus of America's Cup competition, racing continued with a new class of racers, the 12 Metre Class. These 60 to 70 foot sloops were smaller in size, easier to crew, and more manageable on a race course than the previous 135 foot, America's Cup racing class, J boats.

Twelve Metre yachts are quite possibly the most fascinating racing sailboats ever built. They have a beauty and size that, along with their America's Cup history, has attracted and intrigued yachtsmen since their debut. The horsepower used to drive these 65,000 pound racing beauties to speeds as high as twelve knots lies in their massive sail area. Their mainsails are usually about 1200 square feet in size and their jibs, which can only have a height that is seventy-five percent of the mast in height, range from 500 square feet to over 1200 square feet in size.

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