Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monthly America's Cup Fact - May 2010

Test your knowledge of the "Auld Mug."

Which country won the 2010 America's Cup?
Answer Below.

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Which country won the 2010 America's Cup race? THE UNITED STATES! TEAM BMW/ORACLE from the UNITED STATES won the last America's Cup held in February 2010 in Valencia, Spain. Team BMW/Oracle's victory is the first time that the USA has won the Auld Mug since 1992 when America3 defeated Il Moro de Venezia off San Diego. San Francisco's Golden Gate Yacht Club becomes the 28th American defender of the America's Cup. The American team, founded ten years ago by software mogul, Larry Ellison, achieved its ultimate goal when they powered across the finish line of Race 2 with a margin of 5 minutes and 26 seconds to defeat the Swiss Defender's Alinghi 2-0.

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- 2 boats: the catamaran Alinghi 5 and the trimaran the USA
- 2 regattas: 12th of February and 14th of February 2 formats of racing: Windward/Leeward (12th of February) and triangle (14th of February)
- 79 nautical miles of racing: 40 in the first and 39 in second
- 24 sailors in the official crew listing: 14 on Alinghi 5, 10 in the USA
- 2-0, the score in favor of BMW ORACLE Racing
- 15 minutes and 25 seconds, the delta of first race, the 12 of February
- 5 minutes and 29 seconds, the delta of second race, the 14 of February


- 33 editions of America's Cup between 1870 and 2010
- 4 countries have defended the America's Cup: The United States, Australia, New Zealand and Switzerland
- 28 editions defended by the United States: 1870 to 1983, 1988, 1992, 1995
- 1 edition defended by Australia: 1987
- 2 editions defended by New Zealand: 2000 and 2003
- 2 editions defended by Switzerland: 2007 and 2010
- 7 countries have reached the America's Cup Match (England, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and the United States)
- 6 venues in 159 years: New York (the USA), Newport (the USA), Fremantle (AUS), San Diego (the USA), Auckland (NZL) and Valencia (ESP) 1 trophy: the America's Cup
- 1 America's Cup

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