Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Set sail for a GREEN Event!

Looking for a spectacular, yet environmentally friendly, experience this summer? We've got you covered! Just come to Newport, Rhode Island and experience our "recycled," 12 Meter yachts. We reuse these previous America's Cup contenders so that thousands of guests each year can share the unforgettable experience of sailing on Narragansett Bay. Come aboard as our sleek, 65 foot yachts harness the wind and glide through mother nature's beautiful ocean! Relax, refresh, and renew yourself as you enjoy the revitalizing ocean air aboard our America's Cup yachts. Unwind for the day and enjoy the view from our "office!"

Come aboard and let our team serve you!

Ways in which 12 Meter Charters is Eco-Friendly!
1. We buy and serve local Rhode Island food and beverages on board our vessels.
2. We serve beverages with recyclable bottles.
3. We use recycled office products.
4. We use "recycled" yachts.
5. We use WIND POWER while sailing!

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