Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Games Begin...the Olympic Games!

2012 USA Olympic Sailing Team

The 2012 Summer Olympic opening ceremonies are being held today in London, England and another great sailing competition is about to hit water!  We can't wait to catch all the sailing action from England.  Here's what you sailing fans need to know:

When did sailing completion start in the Olympics?  
The first Olypmic sailing events for both men and women were held during the 1900 Paris Summer Olympic Games.  

Where are the sailing events being held?  
Events will be sailed in Weymouth Bay and Portland Harbour.

When will the sailing completion take place?  
Competition will be from Sunday, July 29 to Saturday, August 11. 

How many sailing events are in the Olympics? 
There are 10 sailing events. 

Where can you find more information?  
Check out the London 2012 website for more information about the Olympic sailing events.


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