Sunday, September 23, 2012

Conner Races with Midshipmen in Newport

Dennis Conner is racing again in Newport!  Conner is competing in the 12 Meter North American Championships aboard 12 Meter, KZ-7 Kiwi Magic.  KZ-7 is currently owned by the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  Conner's team is comprised of veteran America's Cup sailors and midshipmen from Kings Point.  

From the 12 Meter Class website - 

Conner, a four time America's Cup Winner (1974, '80, '87, '88), will have an impressive crew aboard KZ-7 (Kiwi Magic), which is currently owned by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) Foundation. Whidden, one of the most experienced America's Cup sailors in the world, has campaigned with Conner for three of Conner's America's Cup victories (1980, 1987 and 1988), while three other crew members have also sailed with Conner during various America's Cup campaigns: Jerry Kirby (2003), Dave Kulver ('92, '95) and USMMA Foundation President Ralf Steitz ('92, '95). (Also sailing with the team will be Michel Maeder, who sailed with Baron Marcel Bich in 1980.)
"This will be Kiwi Magic, powered primarily by Stars & Stripes," said Steitz, recognizing the irony that during the Louis Vuitton Challenger series held in Fremantle, Australia during 1986/'87, Conner had challenged the fairness of KZ-7's fiberglass hull against the slower aluminum hulls being used at the time. "We will, of course, also have five USMMA midshipmen sailing as part of the 15-man crew. It's great to give these young people an opportunity to sail with these great legends in our sport, these America's Cup notables who also are truly among the greatest sailors in the world."

Come to Newport this weekend and see Conner back on the 12 Meter race course!  

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