Wednesday, June 4, 2014

35th America's Cup Protocol Accounced

2012 America's Cup World Series in Newport, Rhode Island

"Who's up for the challenge?" 

Yesterday the America's Cup made an exciting announcement!  The Protocol that defines the rules and format of the next America's Cup was released.  As stated on the America's Cup website, highlights of the 35th America's Cup Protocol include:

   * A three year racing program from 2015 to 2017 with every race counting towards qualification and/or points in the final America’s Cup Match
   * At least six America’s Cup World Series events per year in 2015 and 2016 to be raced in the AC45 class. All teams have an opportunity to host an event in their home country
   * America’s Cup Challenger Playoffs for the top four challenger teams to emerge from the Qualifiers 
   * The America’s Cup Match, featuring the defender, ORACLE TEAM USA against the top challenger. The first team to win 7 points will win the America’s Cup
   * The new AC62 yacht – a foiling, wing sail catamaran sailed by 8 crew – to be raced in all events in 2017
   * A crew nationality rule requiring at least 25% of the AC62 crew to be nationals of the country of their challenge

More details are to be released in the coming weeks including the design for the new AC62 boat and, most importantly, the ports for the America's Cup World Series.  Will Newport, Rhode Island be on the circuit again?  The city-by-the-sea has our vote!

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