Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Newport Says Goodbye to Team Alvimedica!

Last week, Team Alvimedica set sail from Newport on their last transatlantic sail before the next Volvo Ocean Race.  Team Alvimedica is the hometown team in the around the world sailing race which starts in October.  The team's captain, Charlie Enright, is from Bristol, RI and two other team members are from Newport, Nick Dana and on-board reporter, Amory Ross.

Before departing on July 9, the team had been in Newport for about a month training, resting and enjoying the hometown fans.  To make their farewell more interested, Team Abu Dhabi, another Volvo Ocean 65 training for the race, and Team Alvimedica did a promotional start in Newport before sailing out to sea.  While the sail across the Atlantic is just a training run, both teams are undoubtedly sailing to be the first to the dock in England.

Check out these amazing shots from Team Alvimedica's departure from Newport.  We are getting very excited for Volvo Ocean racing to come to Newport next May, are you?

Photos by George Bekris - http://www.georgebekris.com/

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